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Venue: Vodafone Event Centre
Date: 27th ~ 29th July, 2018


· Join hundreds of professionals
· Meet industry peers
· Make new connections
· Attend informative seminars
· Learn from industry leaders
· See the latest products


Time: Nov 6, 3:00pm-3:30pm
Location: Semina Area
Status: Completed
Time: Nov 5, 2:00pm-3:00pm
Location: Hall 2
Max Seat: 300
Booked: 120
Status: Completed
Time: Nov 5, 10:00am-4:00pm
Location: Hall 2
Status: Completed
Time: July 21, 9:45am-12:00pm
Location: Seminar Area
Max Seat: 500
Status: Setup

Property Finance

Host: Franky Wang – Commercial Partner, Bank of New Zealand
Franky Wang is a strong banking professional with a demonstrated history of working in the Commercial, Corporate and Institutional Banking sectors across China, Australia and New Zealand. He is specialized in large commercial size Merger & Acquisition transactions, Cash-flow lending, Property Investment and Development lending, Leveraged Finance and International Trade.
He manages a portfolio of large commercial customers ranging from annual turnover of $5 million to $30 million that are dealing directly with Asia from both capital and trade perspective in New Zealand. The business industries include Aviation, Commercialized Bottled Water export, Dairy Sector, E-Commerce, Education, FinTech, Forestry, Hospitality, Healthcare, Meat, Retailing, Property and Professionals.
He has also previously lived and worked in mainland China based in Shanghai as the Business Development Manager for a bank, promoting New Zealand culture and brand, connecting New Zealand business opportunity with China, developing strong business networks and contact points in China, such as NZTE, MFAT, NZ China Council and others.
Franky has a Bachelor degree in Business (Finance and Economics) from Massey University in Palmerston North, a Bachelor degree in Business (Honors) and a Master degree in Finance from Massey University in Auckland.

How to engage with the banks in New Zealand regarding Property Finance type of transactions

Executive Summary:

Often we get asked how/when/what to engage with the banks and knowing these answers are the key to the success of the funding request. The discussion will focus on the analysis of why the banks
have introduced certain requirement, what can be done to improve the situation and what alternative solutions developers can access.
The host will invite several panel speakers who have in-depth understanding and significant experience of the industry, they will share their view on the topic and provide insightful recommendations.


Time: Oct. 14, 9:30am-4:30pm ; Oct. 15, 9:30am-4:30pm
Location: ASB Showgrounds
Status: Openning
Time: Oct. 14, 10:30am - 11:30am
Status: Openning


MC: Nicole Turners & Kevin Sun
10:00-10:30 VIPs arrive and visit the Expo
10:30- 10:35 MC Introduce the VIPs
Mr. Zhang Fan
Commercial Councillor of Economic & Commercial Office of Chinese Embassy
中华人民共和国驻新西兰大使馆商务参赞 张帆
Mr. Chen Jing
Commercial Consul of Economic & Commercial Office of Chinese Consulate in Auckland
Mr. Luo Weijian
Director of China National Tourism Office Sydney
Dr. Yang Jian
National MP
Mr. Raymond Huo
Labour MP
Mr. Simon Philips
Director of Regions of Maori Tourism
新西兰毛利旅游局地区旅游总监 SIMON PHILIPS
Mr. David Wang
10:30-10:35 Welcoming Remarks by Mr. Zhang Fan
Commercial Councillor of Economic & Commercial Office of Chinese Embassy
10:35-10:40 Speech by Simon Philips Director of Regions of Maori Tourism
毛利旅游局地区旅游总监SIMON PHILIPS 致辞
10:40-10:45 Speech by Dr.Jian Yang (National Party)
10:45-10:50 Speech by Raymond Huo (Labour Party)
10:50- 10:55 Maori Performance
10:55-11:25 Introduction to the "Bushy Beach Yellow Eyed Penguin Protection" Project
10:55-11:00 Briefing about the Project by Nicole Turner
11:00-11:10 Introduction of the "Bushy Beach Yellow Eyed Penguin Protection" Project,
by Dr.Philippa Agnew Chief Scientist of the project
黄眼企鹅保育计划首席科学家PHILIPPA AGNEW 博士介绍保育计划
11:10-11:25 Overview of the CTS partnership with the "Bush Beach Yellow Eyed Project", and introduction to the fundraising auction to support the project,
presented by Howard Chen
新西兰中国旅行社市场部经理HOWARD CHEN 介绍中旅支持黄眼企鹅保育计划情况
11:25-11:30 Lucky Draw to win Air NZ and Air China Return Air Ticket to China

Time: July 21, 9:00am - 6:00pm
July 22 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Vodafone Events Centre, 770 Great South Rd, Wiri, Manukau
Status: Completed


Running in conjunction with the conference will be the inaugural NZ International Property & Building Expo. The Expo was created in response to the overwhelming demand for stalls at 2016’s Conference, and also the huge equerries NZCBIA have received from Chinese Investors & Entrepreneurs over the last few months. The Expo has been designed to both connect Kiwi suppliers with Chinese builders and Kiwi industry professionals to Chinese clientele. The 2017 event also aims to reach out to the general public with access to the Expo open to all on Saturday.

Time: Nov. 8 , 6:30pm-8:30pm (提供点心)
Location: b+d Club,
Max Seat: 100
Booked: 20
Status: Openning


Start at 18.30
Venue: b+d Club, 153 Captain Springs Rd, Onehunga, Auckland











摆脱ACC Levy不断上涨的烦恼。



Max Seat: 500
Booked: 1
Status: Openning
Time: July 27, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Location: Sir Noel Robinson Conference Centre Address: Great South Rd 770 ,Wiri, Auckland 2104 ,New Zealand
Max Seat: 600
Booked: 3
Status: Openning

2018 Gala Dinner

Start at 18.30
Venue: Sir Noel Robinson Conference Centre, Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau

Table price (10 people):  
Individual ticket price:  
5:30pm Pre-drinking drinks
6:30pm Door Open, Guests seated
6:45pm MC Housekeeping
6:55pm Welcome by Frank Xu, President of NZCBIA
7:02pm Keynote Speech:Hon. Phil Twyford - Minister of Housing, Urban Development & Transport 
7:15pm Keynote Speech:Mayor Phil Goff – Mayor of Auckland 
7:22pm Mr. Andrew Bayly – MP, Building & Construction Spokesperson of National Party 
7:30pm Mr. Huang Yuefeng, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of People Republic of China 
7:37pm PlaceMakers Introduction
7:46pm Avanda Introduction
7:55pm Expo Opening Ceremony
8:05pm NZCBIA Video
8:35pm Unitec Scholarship Award Ceremony + NZCBIA Representative speech
9:35pm NZCBIA Closing Remarks
Venue: Sir Noel Robinson Conference Centre, Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau


Time: Oct. 14, 9:00am-4:30pm Oct. 15, 9:00am-4:30pm
Location: Experience Zone
Max Seat: 500
Status: Openning

Laser Strike

Unlike indoor laser tag in a dark room where you get to shoot just anyone who comes your way, LaserStrike is a mission-based outdoor laser tag gameplay. It’s like being able to play a live action battle video game in a realistic battlefield. The gameplay is sufficiently straightforward for amateurs, yet has enough complexity for hardcore players.

Time: July 21, 9:45am-12:00pm
Location: Seminar Area
Max Seat: 500
Status: Completed

Belt and Road Initiative Introduction

Host: Dr Jian Yang
Dr Jian Yang has been a National List MP since 2011, following a distinguished career in academia. He was previously a Senior Lecturer of International Relations at the University of Auckland and Associate Dean (Postgraduate) of the Faculty of Arts and Director of the China Studies Centre at the New Zealand Asia Institute.
He was also Chair of the Auckland Branch of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs (NZIIA) from 2002 until 2011. The NZIIA is an independent, non-profit making organisation that seeks to encourage an understanding of the importance of global affairs to the political and economic well-being of New Zealand.
Dr Yang completed his tertiary education in China before receiving his MA and PhD in International Relations at the Australian National University (ANU). He came to the University of Auckland in March 1999. As a regular commentator on international and domestic affairs for local Chinese media, Jian is well known and respected amongst the Chinese community in New Zealand.
Dr Yang is currently Parliamentary Private Secretary of Ethnic Communities, Chair of the Education and Science Select Committee, member of the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee and Chair of the Parliamentary China Friendship Group.
Dr Yang co-founded the Oceania Silk Road Network in March 2017.

How NZ can benefit from China’s One Belt One Road Policy

Executive Summary:

China’s One Belt, One Road policy has the potential to be perhaps the world’s largest platform for regional collaboration. It is a hugely ambitious undertaking, potentially covering about 65 percent of the world’s population, about one-third of the world’s GDP, and about a quarter of all the goods and services the world moves.
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to New Zealand in May of this year brought the One Belt One Road policy to forefront of the national discussion. Policy commentators debated what the visit would mean for NZ; a massive influx of foreign investment into infrastructure or a new free trade agreement.
The host will briefly introduce OBOR for those who are unfamiliar with the policy and then lead a discussion with a panel of experts to discuss how NZ businesses can maximise benefits from it and what policies the Government can enact to make this easier. The host will also talk about how the policy framework could influence offshore Chinese companies to come to NZ and what this could mean for infrastructure here.


南岛6日奇幻之旅 (170823)

8/23/2018 11 AM
Max Seat: 34
Booked: 34

Time: Saturday 3 November 2018 10:30am - 2:00pm
Location: Meeting Room
Max Seat: 80
Booked: 1
Status: Openning


Start at 10.30am
Venue: 153 Captain Springs Rd, Onehunga, Auckland

》Welcome by Frank Xu, the president of NZCBIA

》Introduction of NZCBIA Training

》Introduction of NZCBIA Project Excellence Group

》Launch of NZCBIA Training

》Launch of NZCBIA Project Excellence Group

》Lunch and Network


Time: Thursday,25/10/18 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Location: Meeting room
Max Seat: 100
Booked: 86
Status: Completed


地点:Meeting Room, 153 Captain Springs Road ,Onehunga, Auckland

议程 :

Time: July 21, 9:45am-12:00pm
Location: Seminar Area
Max Seat: 500
Status: Completed

Doing business in New Zealand – legal, tax and accounting landscape

Host: Philippa Wang – Associate Director, Deloitte (Honorary Accountant to NZCBIA)
Philippa has been with Deloitte for over 10 years and has served a diverse variety of clients both in accounting, tax and business advisory areas. Philippa has assisted numerous Chinese speaking business owners and high net worth individuals, investing and doing business in New Zealand. Philippa specialises in Virtual CFO, management and annual accounts, tax compliance and compliance reporting for a wide variety of entities, including several large overseas owned entities and one NZX listed entity. Philippa speaks fluent Mandarin.

Doing business in New Zealand – legal, tax and accounting landscape

Executive Summary:

New Zealand provides its investors with a free and open business environment and a sophisticated business legal system. It is an ideal country for investment. Similar to many developed countries, most of the businesses are carried out as limited liability companies. Investors can also undertake businesses in partnerships or sole proprietorship.
New Zealand has a sophisticated and stable tax system and a broad tax basis although capital gains are not currently taxed. In New Zealand, the Financial Reporting Act 2013 sets out a new financial reporting framework and minimum financial reporting requirements.
New Zealand businesses must submit an annual tax return and pay tax (provisional tax instalment rules apply) to IR. The tax regimes generally operate on a self-assessment basis with returns filed being selected for review/audit by IR from time to time.
It is important to understand the legal, tax and reporting compliance requirements for investors wanting to successfully doing business in New Zealand.


Time: July 21, 12:30pm-3:30pm
Location: Seminar Area
Max Seat: 500
Status: Completed

NZCBIA Building State of the Nation Summit

Friday 21st July
The theme of this year’s Summit is Innovation & Entrepreneurship, including how NZ can benefit from China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.
The passing of Auckland’s Unitary Plan has opened up so many doors for new projects, particularly in the residential sector. However, the public (particularly homeowners) have been apprehensive of the impact in their neighbourhood. This uncertainty will allow NZCBIA to position itself as a leader in utilising innovation and entrepreneurship to make Auckland and New Zealand the most liveable country in the world. The aim of the Summit is for industry leaders to explore ways that the sector can continue to evolve and prosper.
The event will also introduce what China’s impressive “One Belt, One Road” initiative can mean for New Zealand businesses, both how to benefit and to make sure that any projects are completed in a sustainable way to ensure New Zealand’s points of difference in the world.

Time: July 21, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: Seminar Arear
Max Seat: 500
Status: Completed

LBP Upskilling Workshop

Hosted by: John Tait
Host Introduction
John Tait is a builder by trade and has been working in the construction industry for over 30 years, with his last 16 years spent within the building control sector. He assists many councils with building control issues, audits council building control teams and has a strong interest in industry training. This includes presenting the PlaceMakers Skills Maintenance Series' around New Zealand. John is proud to work in an industry that strives to provide buildings that our families can live, work and play in safely.

Qualifications include:
Trade and Advanced Trade Certificate in Carpentry
National Diploma in Construction Management
National Diploma in Building Control Surveying

Workshop Executive Summary:

The workshop will provide one hour learning, resulting in 1 LBP elective point. The workshop will cover the latest regulatory and industry updates that LBP’s need to be aware of including:
¤Introduction to the NZ Building Act; the perfect world as the Act sees it; the roles and responsibilities of the parties to the Act.
¤The roles and obligations of the LBP scheme; managing products and product substitution; managing building officers; amendments and record keeping.


Time: July 21, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Location: Sir Noel Robinson Conference Centre
Max Seat: 500
Status: Completed

Gala Dinner

A night of glamour, recognition and achievement - please join us as we celebrate the best of the industry in New Zealand at a black-tie evening event, the New Zealand Chinese Building Association Gala Dinner.
The Gala Dinner is the highlight of the conference and is a great way to network with industry participants in a relaxed environment.
The dinner has become a great annual event to showcase outstanding industry projects, recognise exceptional achievements and above all, catch-up with our industry peers and colleagues.

Time: July 21, 9:45am-12:00pm
Location: Seminar Area
Max Seat: 500
Status: Completed

Property Marketing and Property Finance

Host: Gloria Zeng – Barfoot and Thompson
Gloria Zeng is an experienced and professional property marketing specialist who works to achieve the best results for her clients. Before joining the real estate industry in 2003, Gloria completed a Bachelor of Commerce in the University of Auckland. She also has experience in teaching, accounting and finance. Gloria gained many transferable skills in her previous careers and has developed a high standard of business ethics. Her integrity and professionalism is highly regarded by many of her clients. Gloria is also excellent negotiator and communicator, with knowledge of English, Mandarin and Cantonese ensuring every deal is a smooth transaction. Her mixture of experience and enthusiasm enables Gloria to effectively bring the best service and the outcome for her transactions.

Current Apartment and Commercial Development Trends
How to arrange finance for apartment or commercial projects

Executive Summary:

There past few years has seen a huge increase in the number of apartment blocks being sold in Auckland, especially off plans. This growth reflects a change in buyers perceptions of apartments, from being only an investment to an attractive option for owner occupiers. The discussion will focus on
• The current and upcoming trends in apartment developments
• Pricing and supply forecasting
• How to use innovative marketing to beat the market slowdown
In the last 2 years, we found so many failure of apartment developments, mainly due to the miss-management around the funding. The workshop will also discuss how to arrange finance / funding for apartment or commercial development projects, including what can be done to deal with the current tough market conditions and what alternative solutions developers can access


Time: July 21, 9:45am - 12:00pm
Location: Seminar Area
Max Seat: 500
Status: Completed

Residential & Commercial Design

Host: Feng Zhan – Vice President of NZCBIA
As a registered architect, Feng has practiced architecture in New Zealand over twenty years. Feng has always had a passion for design and enjoys the journey to transform every concept into built realty.
As an Executive Director in Woodhams Meikle Zhan Architects, based in Auckland and Christchurch, Feng has designed numerous medium to large sized projects throughout New Zealand, including retail, commercial, and industrial design projects. The clients Feng has worked for include Farmers, Placemakers, Westfield, Progressive Enterprises, Property for Industries and many other prominent New Zealand companies and organisations.
Since 2007, Feng has played a pivotal role in WMZA’s business venture into India and China. He has been the driving force behind successful design and delivery of all our large-scale master planning and architectural projects in both countries.

Topic One: How to response to the challenges of Higher Density design trend
Topic Two: Collaboration between mainstream and Chinese design consultants within the commercial design supply chain

Executive Summary:

The passing of Auckland’s Unitary Plan has confirmed what designers and architects have long been advocating; the need for higher density house. This follows a worldwide trend and as such, Kiwis can look for expertise and inspiration overseas, including China. The discussion will focus on the challenges of current residential and commercial design consultancy market and how cross cultural cooperation can have positive effects.
The host will invite several panel speakers who have in-depth understanding and significant experience of the NZ design market, they will share their view on the current and future challenges of design market.
The host and panel speakers will identify the major obstacles and together with audience input, they will try to discuss the potential solutions to these challenges.


Time: June 21, 9:45am - 12:00pm
Location: Seminar Area
Max Seat: 150
Booked: 16
Status: Openning

Pension development and financing seminars

Host: Frank Xu – President of NZCBIA
Frank Xu – B.E (Civil), Master of Project Management. Frank has twenty eight years of solid background in building & property development industry, both in China (8 years) and New Zealand (20 years), which he has been involved in commercial and residential construction projects, and residential property development projects. He has in-depth understanding and managerial skills of many areas in the industry. The projects he involved in are mainly in Auckland Region, include major office developments, high-rise and multi-storey apartments, shopping centres and retail shops, warehouses, service stations, housing developments, refurbishment of existing buildings, residential houses, land subdivision etc.

How to response to the challenges & opportunities of current construction market

Executive Summary:

The discussion will focus on the both challenges & opportunities of current residential and commercial construction market.
The host will invite several panel speakers who have in-depth understanding and significant experience of the NZ construction market, they will share their view on the current and future challenges & opportunities of construction market.
Host and panel speakers will identify these challenges & opportunities, then together with audience, they will try to discuss the potential solutions.


Vodafone Events Centre
770 Great South Road, Manukau 2104
Zip Code 76596 Manukau 2104 Auckland
Phone: 09 976 7777